Bob Bob Ricard, London – 2018

Touch down London at Gatwick airport and Gatwick Express to Victoria Station. Perfekt, now we can start enjoying London for few days with food, wine and shopping. Many things to do in London, so I will keep this post to Bob Bob Ricard.

What a restaurant; menu so clean, very easy to understand what they serve and what they have and the interior is Russian. Gold, leather couches, boths to sit in, cozy and table neighbor close but still far away so you can talk.

The first time in my life I drank the white wine: Picpoul de Pinet and what I wine. I fell in love direct and that is almost the only wine I have been drinking during this summer.

Sense they have a button in the both that you can press for Champagne, so of course we started with a glass Champagne ( so we could try the buttom later 🙂 ).

Push the button for Champagne

It´s a russian owner and that is shown in the interior, many vodkas, Champagne and caviar. They have 3 different caviars to offer: White Sturgeon, Siberian Sturgeon and Russian Oscietra Sturgeon. We choose Siberian Sturgeon.

Caviar Siberian Sturgeon

Then on the main and also here rumors have made us make up our minds before we arrived. Mac n Cheese with lobster, so that with tenderlion and French Fries and Mashed Potatoes to share between us. After this we were so full, so we didn´t even have place for dessert.

Mac n Cheese with Lobster and tenderlion

This night was a very good night and dinner, so this a restaurant I really can recommend, even if you have a family with kids and so. Because the value for money is very, very good here. If you go at lunch, they menu is the same, but the prices is lower. The owner have started do price the menu like the hotels and airlines do, when is less people there the prices fo down and when it full booked, the prices regular. Very interesting concept.

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