Galvin at Windows, London – 2018

Second day n London and lots of shopping on Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street it´s time for dinner again and this time we had choose the 1 star Michelin Gudie restaurant Galvin at Windows. Is located on the 28th floor at London Hilton Park Lane.

Arrives a little bit early, therefore we desides to take drink in the bar. The bar is left when you get our from the elevator and the restaurant is to the right/ stright ahead. The view is very nice, sense it´s in January it´s dark outside, so all the nice lights are turned on across the London. Sorry to say, but the drinks was a disappointment…, so we didn´t finish them.

We got a table next to the window, and we could continue to look out over London during the dinner. Was really nice and it´s a beautiful town. We order the recommended menu with winepairing and I have to say it´s a OK dinner. Some dishes looked more beautiful then other and some tastes more wounderful then other. Little bit like a rollercoaster, if I going to compare to something. But it´s a very romantic on the 28th floor.

It´s a funny thing, and something I haven´t see so often on a menu. On roasted lion, at the end on the menu it´s ** and at the botten on the menu it says: **Please note that all game dishes may contain gunshot

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