SOMM, Gothenburg – 2018

SOMM Restaurant & Wine Bar is like a second home for me. If I don´t feel like makeing dinner at home and don´t know where to go, I go to SOMM and eat. I can go there on a monday as easy as a friday or saturday or wednesday. SOMM Restaurant & Wine Bar have a BIB Gourmand and had it for many years and they have been deliver high quality food and wine sense the day they open and I have been their guest sense they open.

They work with 3, 5, and 7 course menu and winepairing and also Coravin winepairing. What I choose depends, but I normal chose 5 course menu with winepairing. This time I took a 4 course menu with winepairing, as well as my friends that was with me.

Very few times I have been disappointed during the years I have visit SOMM, and therefore I go here so often. I know that I get great food, wounderful flavours, top service, well matched wines and for a very little amount of money. I can´t say anything else then, if you are in Gothenburg and want to eat great and have a wounderful dinner. Book a table at SOMM!

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