Ristorante Il Desco, Verona – 2018

YES!! Back in Italy and best of all, back in Verona. Verona is really one of my favorite town to visit. Have been here a lot and everytime I gets back, I´m always so happy. I visit new restaurants everytime and see new things when I walk along the streets, yes it´s a great town to visit.

Arrived late, sense the flights had been delayed and the restaurant was booked, so I just had time to drop of my packing at the hotel and meet up my friend for a glass of wine before we had to rush over to the restaurant.

Today I had booked 1 star Michelin Guide ristorante Il Desco. Little bit away from the bbig arena in central Verona, on a side street Il Desco is located and very small outdoor seating. Came up the stairs and into a big room with very high ceilings and old brown wood on the walls and ceiling. This was the reception. They showed us into a smaller room, little bit boring room, with no feeling or character at all. Our table was just at the door where all the waiters was walking when they came with the food and leaving the room. Strange place to have a table in my mind.

We ordered the 9 curse menu with winepairing. The food was little up and down, some dished was very good and some less quality on, so not that even level on the kitchen this night. The wines, that was something very good. The white wines was incredible good, all from Italy. I also took a look at the winelist and they have very good wines on that, so when it comes to wines Il Desco is very, very nice place to visit.

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