Restaurang Adler, Gothenburg – 2018

Sunday and a day to relax and enjoy some good food and beverage. This sunday I was going to met a friend for a soft dinner and bottle of white wine. No plans, just to meet up in the city and take it from that. Our choice became restaurang Adler. Adler is about one year old restaurang in the part of Gothenburg called Vasastan.

Insted of traditional starter, main and dessert, we desided to have a few starters and one dessert and some nice wine to that.

I had langoustine on roasted corn*chili*garlic & roasted corn emulsion, then a tartar, after that one backed mushrooms and something like a dill ice cream and as dessert I had Blackberries with fried bread pudding and blackberry sorbet and creme anglaise that is flavored with hay.

Then we had some wines as well. Well, I started with a Dry Martini on Hernö Gin from Sweden with some olives. After that, we had some wines.

Silex Blanc Fume de Pouilly 2012 to start with, then Bergström Old Stones Oregon Chardonnay, to follow up with OVUM Toro y Scorpio Riesling and then we finish with Kistler Sonoma Coast.

Sunday became funday with great food and very good wines. Thank you!

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