3 days in Friuli – Part 5

And now it´s time for lunch, and we don´t where. My friend drives infront and I just follow him the raod down the hill where we just had a great winetasting. The we turns left and into a big court infront of a big white building. Here is where we are going to eat lunch.

Long entrence with stone stairs and deep steps, so I can´t ( whitout strech my legs ) take normal steps. Around the building is a forest and vineyards and only nature. It´s a very nice area and the air is fresh. The place we are at is Hosteria Vineria Vencò del Collio. It´s a very wounderful place and if you are in the hoods, visit it. www.vineriavenco.it

After we sat down, we started with LIVON FENIS Spumante, it´s a sparkling wine made with the local grape Ribolla Gialla. Positive start on this lunch. After that, as usual start we got different type of cheese and hams and to that we drank LIVON Traminer.

Then more wines; LIVON Müller Thurgau and then a white wine from their winery in Umbria; ColSanto. ColSanto CantaLuce and amongs the dishes we had was Foie Gras. The grape in ColSanto CantaLuce is Trebbiano Spoletino. New for me, but a very balanced wine and wouderful with the Foie Gras.

Then it was time for the reds wines to enter the table. But first we finsh the whites with LIVON BraideAlte with the grapes Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Picolit and Moscato giallo. First amongs the reds to be open was a wine from the winery in Toscany; Borgo Salcetino and theirs Chianti Classico 2016. Also this vintage had got 3 red glasses in Gambero Rosso. It´s 100% Sangiovese and aged for 16 months on oaks. I have drunk this wine and vintages back to 2012 and they all are so super. This high level this Chianti Classico have is something I haven´t ran into so often. I really recommend this wine.  To this we had a pasta,, what else when in Italy :-), and at the end we open a bottle of ColSanto Montefalco Sagrantino Montarone. Theis newest red in the line-up from ColSanto. ColSanto now they have 4 reds and 1 white.

Then it was time for dessert, but I was enjoying my friends, the food and the wines so much so I forgot to take more pictures at this lunch. But, I took more pictures at the dinner later this night. First back to Villa Chiòpris Bed & Breakfast for shower, new cloths and some wine.

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