3 days in Friuli – Part 6 – the end

Time for dinner, after a long and wounderful day with a lot of news within wine, Friuli, food and more. And now I also don´t need to drive, therefore I can enjoy the wines even more this time. Looking forward this night a lot, the only sad thing is that this is the last night here in Friuli and with my friends for this time.

The funny things is that I had booked our dinner weeks ago, and did that are looking around the internet and found Hosteria Vineria Vencò del Collio. I had no idea that this place was something that we was going to have our lunch at, so that means that this place is good. As soon I saw this at lunch, I talked to the owner and explain the ”problem” that we both have lunch and dinner at his place. Therefore, he told me that he was going to put together a special dinner for us, with food that he don´t normal have on his menu.

The first 3 dishes was something amazing thata I can´t find words for it. I just wanted to have more and more and more of everything.

Then the next dishes came in, and I can only say the same thing again. Wanted more and more and more. I´m so amazed over how good the food is here at Hosteria Vineria Vencò del Collio. And in just a couple of hours put together a menu of dishes that he normaly have on the menu, just so we could eat something different from when we where here for lunch. I´m so impressed of this.

Some of the wines that we had for this dinner; LIVON Soluna ( grape Malvasia ), Borgo Salcetino RosSole ( Sangiovese & Merlot ) and sweet wine LIVON Casali Godia ( Verdezzo Friulano ) and to my tea I had a Italian Brandy X.O. Extra old ( 7 years ). 

If I going try to sum up my 3 days in Friuli, I can only say amazing, great, super, wow and words like this. I can´t complain on anything. I´m just looking forward to visit again and that will happen during 2019. That´s a promise. But for now, thank you all my dear friends ( Peter, Karin, Anna & Magnus ) and also my dear friend and host; Christian.

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