EPOQUE, Gothenburg

Thursday and nothing to do, plus not so interested of cooking at home. Only way to fix this is to get out and have dinner. Jumped on the tramp outside my house and jumped off at the Berzeliigatan and walked into EPOQUE.

Restaurant that work lot with small dishes and eat and share in a very relexed atmosphere. For me it´s like the theme; come as you are. I choose one of the higher tables with a couch, little close to the door. While I looked at the menu, I had a glass of Champagne; Michel Godnet Millesimé Blanc de Blancs.

Then I ordered 3 dishes with winepairing. First it was Terrine of duck with seared foie gras, with brioche, pistachio & confit ”fruit rouge”. Nice dish and my champagne worked well to it. Second I got Alder wood smoked char, grilled cabbage, browned butter, rye bread crumbs, horseradish, dill & sweet mustard. Well balance dish. As last dish I ordered Burned queen scallops, gratinated with butter on buried lemon and garlic. I think the whole restaurant smelled garlic when they did my dish, didn´t taste as much and that for me was very nice. I will say that EPOQUE deliver dishes with high quality for the money and the interior was simple but still soft and warm. Staff could their thing when they explain both the food and wines. It´s really a place where you can come as you are.

While I was eating, I got a call from a friend and asked me to meet up at SOMM Restaurant & Wine bar for a glas of champagne. I went there, but not for a glass, we shared a bottle. Champagne Doyard RÉV-LUTION Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Non Dose.

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