FATCUZ, Örebro

New pizza place have open in Örebro, so I desided to make a quick stop here on my way home from Hova. I needed to test this new place. The name is FATCUZ, and they do neapolitan pizza with a twist you can say. Because they don´t want to have thin crust as the real neapolitan pizzas, and at Fatcuz it works great I think. As always I order the Margherita so I really can compare to others.

As wine I choosen a Valpolicella Ripasso from Farina, not my favorite style of wine but this one was actully good. Overall I think Valpolicella wines are to much berries and jam in the taste for me, and the that is the producers fault. They release the wines to early on the market, insted of letting them mature in the cellers and get more aged and balanced. But that is post for an other day :-).

Overall; if you are in Örebro and want to have pizza, visit Fatcuz and if you want to have beers after/ before?! Then visit their beer pub next doors; Örebro Ölhall.

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