Thursday and walking around on town, and gets hungry and was long time ago I was at Totale. New chefs and new staff, have things changed? I need to try it, so there I went.

Got my a seat at the bar, perfect. I like to sit in the bar and eat when I drop in my self and just for a quicke bite. Gives me the chance to talk to the people that works there and it´s more relaxed. I desided to go with a pizza and dessert.

The pizza looks so nic with all the cheese on top and the small pork bites, just to dig in. Pizza ”pork” bianco with black cabbage, smoked pork loin, comté and chili flakes. The only thing I complain about is that it was to much black cabbage on the pizza under all the nice comté and pork. Otherwise, it tasted great and good dough. And I also prefer pizza with tomato sauce. A glass of Nebbiolo it was happy days for me with this pizza. Can´t leave without taste at least one dessert, and my choice fell on Wood-baked crumble pie on Swedish summer apples & blackberries, cream with almonds and cinnamon, vanilla ice cream. What´s more Swedish then apples? 🙂 Worked well with the vanilla ice cream and blackberries, just wanted to eat and eat more. Also here I choose a glass of Nebbiolo. A nice and relaxed thursday dinner, and Totale continues to deliver food and service as they always have. Thank you.

STUK, Jönköping

The day after Querciabella winemakers dinner and time for lunch. Just around the corner where I slept, there is a restaurant/ winebar/ bakery/ coffeeshop in one. I haven´t tried before, so today was the day to try STUK. Great chefs that owns it, and they have really got a good vibe going on here I have to say. The lunch was crowded and according to my friend, it´s so every day. I just ordered a pizza; Three Cheeses – Gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella & parmesan.

Not that big pizza, but much topping so I got full and happy and that is what all is about the day after a super great dinner night and many super wines and not so many hours of sleep. I will come back and eat at STUK again.

Querciabella Winemakers dinner, El Duderino

Time for winemakers dinner with my favorite producer from Toscany; Querciabella. The first winesmakers dinners of two. Next week in Gothenburg. This night will be at Swedens best cocktailbar – El Duderino in Jönköping. Even if they are well known for their cocktails, they have started to focus more and more also on high quality wines and therefore it´s even more fun that they have desided to ”lanuch” this with a winemakers dinner with the high quality wine producer as Querciabella. It´s going to be a amazing night, I know it.

The menu is looking very nice and I´m looking forward to enjoy this dinner. Dinner starts with Amuse – Lightly marinated lamb crusted with mayonnaise on fermented black pepper and fried rosemary & cress. What a start I have to say, super nice bite that was so soft in my mouth. As wine we was served Chianti Classico Riserva 2016. As start that promisse for a super dinner. The starter of the nigh is Tuna tartar – Roasted hazelnuts, lightly smoked catfish roe, red wine boiled onions & avocado cream. Tasted as good as the picture shows. We drank Mongrana Maremma 2017 to this dish. The dinner was moving on perfect, really enjoyed every second of it.

Main course of the night was Sirloin from Dalsjöfors – with funnel chanterelle crème, red wine sauce on fermented garlic, grilled gemsalad with parmesan & grated summer truffle. It was like a symphony in the mouth and when I added the wine, then it was like a dream. The wine was Turpino SuperToscan 2015. So much food and wine so far, really happy days. Before dessert they desided to have a quiz, and to the quiz we drank Chianti Classico 2017. Fun quiz, but not my better quiz…., finllay time for dessert, as a dessertlover I really looking forward to it. Chocolate cake – with stirred black currants, salted caramel ice cream, mascarpone cream with orange, cardamom crumbs & mint powder. I can only say WOW and smile. So many ingrediens, but still so well mixed together. Super! As wine we drank Camartina SuperToscan 2015. Now the dinner was finsh, we thought – but no, they came and served us a small tasting sample of Palafreno SuperToscan 2015, to tease our taste buds. Super, super is the words I can explain this dinner.

Couple of us desided to stay after the dinner was finish, because they had super many wines from Querciabella on old vintages to super prices the rest of the night. We desided to buy one bottle of Camartina SuperToscan 1999 and one bottle of Palafreno SuperToscan 2000. Camartina is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Sangiovese meanwhile Palafreno is 100% Merlot. Both is superwines, but for me I have to say that Camartina make me more happy in my mouth. Nothing is wrong with Palafreno, just a personal feeling.

This night/ dinner was a super, super evening and WOW on all levels, but I´m not surprised – El Duderino always deliver magic when i visit them, that is the level they are at every day!


After a long trip, almost all week long was I back in my home town Gothenburg and time to meet up some friends on town for some food and wines.

Meet up at Hedlunds Havsbar, they is really the best seafood restaurant in town. They have delivered from day one and continue do deliver. Some champagne from Jean Dumangin before food, and of course theirs Brut Rèserve Blanc de Blancs Terroir. Then I continued with classic Swedish dish; SkagentoastShrimps, mayonnaise, horseradish, bleak roe from Bottenviken and butterfried bread. And I desided to continue withh champagne Jean Dumangin. Why change a winning concept :-).

After Hedlunds Havsbar, it was desided to go, almost next door, to Jepsers and have some more wines and food. But not that hungry today, I just ate the Roast beef with puré and carrots. As wine I choose Bodegas Tempore Generaxión 76, it matched perfect.

After that we just continue to drink some great wines and relaxed and catching up. Perfect saturday.

FATCUZ, Örebro

New pizza place have open in Örebro, so I desided to make a quick stop here on my way home from Hova. I needed to test this new place. The name is FATCUZ, and they do neapolitan pizza with a twist you can say. Because they don´t want to have thin crust as the real neapolitan pizzas, and at Fatcuz it works great I think. As always I order the Margherita so I really can compare to others.

As wine I choosen a Valpolicella Ripasso from Farina, not my favorite style of wine but this one was actully good. Overall I think Valpolicella wines are to much berries and jam in the taste for me, and the that is the producers fault. They release the wines to early on the market, insted of letting them mature in the cellers and get more aged and balanced. But that is post for an other day :-).

Overall; if you are in Örebro and want to have pizza, visit Fatcuz and if you want to have beers after/ before?! Then visit their beer pub next doors; Örebro Ölhall.

BriQ Hotel, Hova

Time for some travel and insted of make a long direct drive, I desided to make a pit stop at my friends hotel; BriQ in the very small village; HOVA. My friends have 2 hotels and this one is the newest one and is perfect for me when I need to travel to Örebro and cities in that area. It´s a very nice and small boutique hotel.

With only 14 rooms, it´s a nice small hotel with nice rooms with good lights in the halls, fresh, new and very much value for money. And when you understand how big Hova is, it´s gets even more value for the money. Have lived in big cities and well know hotel chains with much less quality.

The hall and here is my room for this night. perfect dest for computer work and a nice cup of tea before bed.

El Duderino & Yonder, Jönköping

Thursday and time for a visit to Jönköping, Sweden, for a quick visit and test the new open restaurant/ bar/ cocktailbar Yonder!. Of course I will also start with a visit to my favorite cocktailbar El Duderino. So first thing first, start with a very nice sausage.

Merguezkorv – Grilled Sourdough Bread, Tomato Salsa, Pickled Silver Onion & Parmesan. Simple dish, but full of taste and something that is always right time for when you want a snack to you red wine in the beginning of the evening. After that we went to Yonder and before food we played flipper and of the 4 they have, I have to say that Star Wars is the funniest and my favorite without any querstions. First we started with croquettes, one on Jerusalem artichoke and the second one was on ( total forgot it… it´s not on the menu…:-) ).

Then it was time for the starter and main course, before it´s for the big final.

Normal is the Foamed lobster bisque – Cod loin, Salmon, Shrimp, Mussels, Rainbow rum, Fennel crudité & Dried Cabbage – a main dish but we desided take 1/2, so we could have more dishes during the night. Between the starter and main dish, I took in small plate with Padrones. Then it was time for the main dish; Butter-baked veal fillet – Stew On White Beans, Kidney Beans & Tomato Fillets, Emulsion On Roasted Hazelnuts, Smoked Shallots, Fried Veal & Gremolata Spiced Red Wine Sauce. Amazing start on this dinner at Yonder.

To the mail dish we desided to drink a amazing wine; Querciabella Camartina 2015. A SuperToscan wine from the iconic producer Querciabella. 70% Cabernet Sauvignon & 30% Sangiovese. It´s a amazing wine in all the ways that you want a wine to be. After the main dish was it time for a cheese platter, and cheese is something that is always room for :-). My friend choose the cheeses, but all was good. One was new for me, the one in the middle with fruit on it. That as is lays in grappa for 2 weeks in the end, before it´s time for selling it. Great cheese.

After all this food and wine, was it time for flipper again. As a last surprised, the head chef comes out and invite us for a night quiz. Super fun, even if I didn´t won it, but who care when I had a great evening/ night as I had.

Quick tips for places in Jönköping; El Duderono, Yonder, el gordo, 38grader, Glädje.

BRUK, Gothenburg

My first time for me to test the new cocktailbar BRUK. Two bartenders that have worked at on of the most cocktailbar in Gothenburg before, desided to open up their own cocktailbar, and I´m very happy that one of them I have known for many, many years. Therefore I know that the cocktails will be superb standard, what make me even more happy is that they have hired a friend of mine that is a very good chef, so I also know that they food will be perfect. Now it was time to take the test and see how they deliver 🙂

When I arrives is direct at opening, so it´s only 4 people there and that gives me time to ssay hello to all them and make some small talk and take a grand tour around the place. I choose to sit in the bar, like to be close to the people so I can talk with them while I´m enjoying my drinks/ food/ wines and so on. I start of with their twist on Paloma. Insted of tequila, they use Mezcal and then they have Rhubarb, soda, licorice with lime. Not to smokey mezcal, but still more nice then tequila.

As starter I desided to go with Padrones. They had written Gruyère on the menu, but I was thinking more as a side to the Padrones. No, so wrong of me. Insted the chef had desided to melt the Gruyère and drip it all ovee the Padrones. And it was amazing I have to say. I think that next time I will have one classic Padrones and one BRUK Padrones. My chef friend delivers from start. Wine to Padrones I was recommended to have Grüner Veltliner from Ingrid Groiss, Austria and region Niederösterreich.

As next dishes I deside to choose chips and Tartar. I like that it´s smaller dishes, then I can sit and enjoy many different ones and have a long sitting and just relax.

Home made potato dill chips with a bowl of roe, sour cream and red onion. The red onion and sour cream is under the roe, so I need to ”dig” down into the bowl with the dill chip so I get the all the nice flavours in my mouth. A dish I haven´t seen in Sweden before and I really liked this plating a lot. Wine to this amazing dish I choose Riesling from Even & Odd, Rheingau in Germany. Final dish is tartar; Tartar on inner thighs with pickles, sourdough crust and crown dill. They even have some crown dill in the mayonnaise. For me the first time I have pickles on a tartar, but it worked very well and I liked it a lot. To this is was time for red wine, the choice was a Barbera d´Asti from Mauro Sebaste, Piemonte in Italy. Worked well together.

To sum up this; BRUK is going to work very well and I can only say positive things about the place. I will visit them many times forward and looking forward to when they change the menu and have less/ or none mushrooms 🙂 Thanks for this time, looking forward to next time.

All pictures got lost

I haven´t done so much blogging the last 6 months, and when I wanted to start up now again I moved webhotel and all my pictures from previous posts got lost. Some I have on a back up driver and some don´t, and if I have time I will post the pictures again step by step.

Lunch in Stockholm & Dinner in Jönköping, Sweden

Started my morning to jump into my car and drove to Stockholm for meetings, and ended up for dinner in Jönköping.

When it comes to asian food, I have some spots in Stockholm that I like more then other and one of the ones I like more then other is BERNS that are located very close to the popular Kungsträdgården where many activites happen, NK Shopping mall and popular Strandvägen and just few minutes and you are on Birger Jarlsgatan where many of the most trendy nightclubs are.

Berns is famouse for there asian food now and it´s very fresh plates and fresh food, for lunch it´s little less to choose between but still high quality and many enough so all in the company can something for them. For wine it´s no fun sortiment, but not often that happen at any restaurang in Swede.

Chef´s choice nigiri, 10 pieces, was my choice today for lunch. As wine to this I choose a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand from producer Giesen. Very fresh and good food and the wine was ok, but better then the other options on the list for this lunch.

After all my meeting was to end in Stokcholm, I jumped into my car and drove to Jönköping in Småland, about 1,5 hour from Gothenburg, for dinner. This time I desided to try the spanish restaurant El Gordo. Own by two former hockey players in the local team HV71 and also former Swedish national team players.

Started with Crayfish soup and then I had Roe toast on tortilla bread. After that Hamburguesa – Miniburger with manchego, pickled onions and aioli. For the first two tapas I choose the white wine Protos Verdejo. For the rest tapas I went with red wine and the Protos Reserva.

Last tapas was CHORIZO CON PAN – grilled chorizo from Salamanca in bread with fried leeks and chiplote and they have put a CROQUETAS – filled with charcuterie on the plate as a bonus to me 🙂