CORE by Clare Smyth, London – 2018

Back in London again and great friends and we desided to book at table at new restaurant CORE by Clare Smyth. Chef that have been working for Gordon Ramsey for many year and now standing on her on feet. Town House in Notting Hill, really liked the location. When I first get inside I meet a long bar, with the typical spirits but some new gins that I have tried before, so I order a Dry Martini. I drink my Dry Martini´s only on Gin and olives. Want to taste the gin and not mix it with vermouth.

We got shown to our round table i the middle of the big room, so that was great for me sense from my chair I could see into the kitchen and see what they was doing in there. Always nice to see. Also to my happiness, they use ZALTO glasses ( for me the best wineglasses on the market ).

We choose the tasting menu with winepairing and the expectations started to make them notice in my soul. The start was just great and we all was very happy. Food and wineparing was great and we looked forward to next course. But the longer we sat and the more courses that came in on the table, the more the smile started to fade away and we sat and woundering what happening. The wines was still great.

We finish the dinner and took a cab back to our hotel, but made a pit stop at the next door winebar – 28-50 Wine workshop & kitchen on Maddox Street – and ordered a bottle of wine to talk about the dinner. At the end we desided the only explanation is that it´s was so new open ( in January ) so the chefs haven´t got the routines finalized yet and they will get better the more the work, we just need to revisit Core by Clare Smyth.

Galvin at Windows, London – 2018

Second day n London and lots of shopping on Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street it´s time for dinner again and this time we had choose the 1 star Michelin Gudie restaurant Galvin at Windows. Is located on the 28th floor at London Hilton Park Lane.

Arrives a little bit early, therefore we desides to take drink in the bar. The bar is left when you get our from the elevator and the restaurant is to the right/ stright ahead. The view is very nice, sense it´s in January it´s dark outside, so all the nice lights are turned on across the London. Sorry to say, but the drinks was a disappointment…, so we didn´t finish them.

We got a table next to the window, and we could continue to look out over London during the dinner. Was really nice and it´s a beautiful town. We order the recommended menu with winepairing and I have to say it´s a OK dinner. Some dishes looked more beautiful then other and some tastes more wounderful then other. Little bit like a rollercoaster, if I going to compare to something. But it´s a very romantic on the 28th floor.

It´s a funny thing, and something I haven´t see so often on a menu. On roasted lion, at the end on the menu it´s ** and at the botten on the menu it says: **Please note that all game dishes may contain gunshot

Bob Bob Ricard, London – 2018

Touch down London at Gatwick airport and Gatwick Express to Victoria Station. Perfekt, now we can start enjoying London for few days with food, wine and shopping. Many things to do in London, so I will keep this post to Bob Bob Ricard.

What a restaurant; menu so clean, very easy to understand what they serve and what they have and the interior is Russian. Gold, leather couches, boths to sit in, cozy and table neighbor close but still far away so you can talk.

The first time in my life I drank the white wine: Picpoul de Pinet and what I wine. I fell in love direct and that is almost the only wine I have been drinking during this summer.

Sense they have a button in the both that you can press for Champagne, so of course we started with a glass Champagne ( so we could try the buttom later 🙂 ).

Push the button for Champagne

It´s a russian owner and that is shown in the interior, many vodkas, Champagne and caviar. They have 3 different caviars to offer: White Sturgeon, Siberian Sturgeon and Russian Oscietra Sturgeon. We choose Siberian Sturgeon.

Caviar Siberian Sturgeon

Then on the main and also here rumors have made us make up our minds before we arrived. Mac n Cheese with lobster, so that with tenderlion and French Fries and Mashed Potatoes to share between us. After this we were so full, so we didn´t even have place for dessert.

Mac n Cheese with Lobster and tenderlion

This night was a very good night and dinner, so this a restaurant I really can recommend, even if you have a family with kids and so. Because the value for money is very, very good here. If you go at lunch, they menu is the same, but the prices is lower. The owner have started do price the menu like the hotels and airlines do, when is less people there the prices fo down and when it full booked, the prices regular. Very interesting concept.

Postgatan, Kalmar – 2017

End of October I went to Kalmar, the summer city on the east side of Sweden and where the bridge over to the famous island; Öland.

Few guys from PM & Vänner in Växjö have moved to Kalmar and open this playfull but serious restaurant called Postgatan.

Super nice staff and service and the interior is simple, but sense everything is so family feeling, you don´t care so much about the interior. You just want to get next dish and glass of wine and continue to enjoy it.

5 course menu this time as well, but this time choosed wine by the bottle insted of winepairing, recommended by the waiter. When the dinner was over, I was almost sad because I didn´t want it to be over.

HUGO Restaurant + Weinbar – Berlin – 2017

Every year in October there is a bartenders fair called BCB in Berlin, so I went down to taste some nice and also new spritis brands, but of course I had booked a dinner at the 1 star Michelin Guide restaurant HUGO Restaurant + Weinbar that are located in the luxury hotel InterContinental.

Arrived at the top floor with the elevator and was welcomed by a very nice gentleman that took care of my jacket. Then he showed me trough the winebar and into the restaurant.

It´s a very nice interior and lovely view over Berlin, but to sad that I get a table almost as far as possible from the windows. That made my view not so lovely, but what can you do? Just to enjoy the dinner insted. 

Started with a glass of Champagne, so I could get into the right mood for this dinner. The I choosed the 5 course menu with winepairing. Food was just the way I expected from a 1 star Michelin restaurant and the winepairing was very good as well until the head sommelier came with a orange wine. Didn´t match the food what so ever in my mouth, so that was a very big miss in my eyes…, he spoke so long and well about this wine and then it fell flat with the foodparing. But it´s a big trend right now with nature and orange wines…

I would like to come back and sit by a window next time and give the sommelier a chance again to give me a new winepairing and see how that will be. Next time I will also stay at the hotel, much more easy then to try find a cab that takes creditcard. Cash is still king in Germany and cabs.

Geranium – 2017

We went to Copenhagen and had booked the 3 star Michelin restaurant Geranium, and the anticipation was big. Seen and heard so much about this restaurant, but to be honest not looked up so much exact where it was located. Big surprise when I discover that it was located in one of the 4 towers at the football stadium PARKEN.

Coming out from the elevatior and been met by this wounderful view over Copenhagen, it was great. The interior was so clean, big tables, big windows from floor to roof and wide so it almost looked like one big window. Loved it direct.

We got a big table with a big couch that we could share and from that angel we could continue to look out over Copenhagen during the whole dinner. The food, the plating, the wines, the tea, the service – yes, everything was sooo outstanding!! Can only say positive things about this visit.

After we got a tour and we started in the wine cellar ( lots of very nice wine in there ) and then through the smaller dining area and then into the prep kitchen, from where the chefs could look out over the football field, and then into the kitchen and back to our seating.

Geranium is something that I must visit again!

N´Ombra de Vin – Milano

In may 2017 I and some friends visit a great winebar in Milano, thanks to a very good friend we had the pleasure to find this bar. We all just got blown away of the this winebar. As soon you came down the stairs, it was wines everywhere. The room was narrow, but very deep and by the wall on each side it was wines, almost direct from the floor but up to the roof. On the left  side, we could see a small bar. It was a very nice ”basement” that they have turned into a winebar that I will never forget and will visit as soon I´m back in Milano.

We all hade a great night and we drank some very great wines and there where a lot more of great wines that we didn´t had the time to drink, and we all still talk about this winebar and the wounderful rustic interior.

If you ever go to Milano and like/ love wine, you must go to this place. Here you have the address: N´Ombra de Vin, via S. Marco 2, Milano and if you want to follow them on instagram; @nombradevin