Café Iruña, Pamplona – Spain

I booked a trip to Pamplona, Spain, for visit a winery but I had some time to visit a iconic Café while I was there as well. Café Iruña have been at the same place sense 1888 and it´s famous for theirs kebab and also for all famous people that have been there throgh the year. We are talking about presidents, poets, kings, movie stars and so many more.

It´s so much to write about Café Iruña, so I don´t know where to start. It´s maybe better that you click on the link and read about your self. Just around the corner from this café it´s the bull run in Pamplona…

Copenhagen, Denmark

August is soon over and soon will the dark months come and make a little bit boring so sitt outside and enjoy good food and wines. Therefore I desided to make a quick visit to one of my favorite get away town for 2 days and one night and enjoy some good food and wines. The town I´m talking about is Copenhagen, capital of Denmark and one of the best towns in the world when it comes to restaurants and food, according to all studies that is made.

This time I arrived by train to Copenhagen Central Sation, and the sun was really shining at it´s best. The train takes about 3 hours from Gothenburg, so I as little hungry when I arrived, so my first mission was to find food and lucky me that Tivoli is just across the street from Copenhagen Central Station. Tivoli have open up Tivoli Food Hall and I haven´t tried that one before, so that will be perfect for a quick pre-lunch before check-in at my hotel.

Choose sushi for this pre-lunch and the Letz Sushi Tivoli. Nothing special, just a 8 pieces classic sushi plate and a glass of Grüner Veltliner from Gruber Röschitz sense that was the only one by the glass. Finish and had to my hotel, and this week was a really hard time for me to find a room and I need to stay in the centrum so I can walk around the many restaurants and winebars and enjoy the food and wine whitout take a taxi back to my hotel when I finish for the night. I find a room at WakeUp Copenhagen, this hotel chain is a part of ARP HANSEN HOTEL GROUP which I normal stay at when I´m in Copenhagen. When I stay at WakeUp hotel, I don´t my points at ARP HANSEN HOTEL GROUP which I think is a very big negative.

After check-in was it time for my real lunch and that I had at one of my favorite trattorias/winebars; Trattoria FIAT. This italian place is great, every time I´m in Copenhagen I have at least one glass of wine here. Simple pasta ragu and some glass of PRIA Barbera d´Alba. Wall to wall there is GEIST where famous headchef Bo Bech work, so whats better to stop by here for a glass of wine and look at all the people that walks/ runs to somewhere to be and the beautiful Hotel d´Angleterre. All this is located around Kongens Nytorv. After this glass I went down to the docks and took a seat on Naervaer Strangade for glass of wines. For my first time I drank a glass of Ultimate Provence Côtes de Provence Rosé 2018.

Time to hotel and change before dinner with my french friend. On the way back I visit one of my other favorite winebar in Copenhagen; Nebbiolo Winebar. Now I´m back on white wine and one of my favorite producers from Alto Adige/ Trentino is J. Hofstätter and Nebbiolo have some of theirs wines by the glass and this time I went with Gewürztraminer. Lovely wine and as always they give you small plate of olives, hams and cheeses.

Time for dinner at Fishmarket with my friend and we both like fish and seafood, so Fishmarket will be perfect. Theirs seafood platter is great, but this time we went with their dishes of the day. That was Hake with mushrooms as starter and grillet Mullet as main. Have to say that this was not good. Dry, very little taste and very small portions.

I can write so much about Copenhagen, and I will do that later and give tips on my favorite places to visit and maybe that can help you when you visit Copenhagen.

La Baracco Rossa, Sannegården – Sweden

Once again it´s time to try a italian restaurant in the area of Sannegården on Hising Island outside Gothenburg. La Baracco Rossa ( he only ha a FB page ) owns by Maurizio Fasciano, a very nice and fun italian. He have done a great work with the restaurant. Not a big one, but big enough for him and his family to handle. Today I desided to give Maurizio free hands to put together a menu of food and wines. He knows that I like to test as many dishes as possible and therefore he desided to make smaller portions and more dishes.

Started of with octopus carpaccio, that was the dish of the week. Then I continue with Carpaccio di Manzo which is lemon marinated fresh fillet of beef with argula and permesan. Then time for pasta and he gave me Papperdelle con Gamberi e Zucchine which is papperdelle with tiger shrimps and zucchini. When I eat italian, of course it will be risotto. This one is called Risotto Pescatora which is risotto with crayfish tails, tiger prawns, mussels, heart mussels in a light tomato sauce. As dessert he gave me his home made Tiramisu.

To all this wounderful food, I had some great wines and grappa. As wine, I had Massucco TerrAmore ( 90% Nebbiolo & 10% Corvina ), Malvirà Langhe Nebbiolo 2016, Malvirà Barbera d´Alba San Michele 2016. For grappa I enjoyed Bepi Tosolini Grappa Agricola.

First time here at La Baracco Rossa, definitely not last.

La Cucina, Lund – Sweden

As you all know, I love pizza and when I hear about good pizza I try to get there as soon as I can to try. My friend had been at a place in Lund, just outside Malmö in south of Sweden, and told me that this pizza was great. The place is La Cucina Lund. When I had been in Malmö for work, I drove by this place on my home and lucky me they have a seat for me.

To be as fair as possible I try to order the same pizza at every place, then that Margherita is a very good pizza is a big plus for me of course. Yes, this pizza was good and I liked it a lot and was amongs one f the better I have had. To sad that the wine, Ripasso, was very light body, warm and missing the typical Ripasso flavours.

But, if you are in the south of Sweden I propose that you make your way to La Cucina in Lund and have a great pizza.

Wine afternoon with Riccardo, Gotenburg – Sweden

Me and Riccardo desided to meet up one afternoon at his trattoria for some wine and pizza and have a relaxing afternoon. Said and done, we met up. The deal for this was also that we both broght one bottle of wine each around a pricelevel. Great idea.

I brought with me VALDICAVA Rosso di Montalcino 2016 and Riccardo came with BRESSAN Pinot Nero 2012. VALDICAVA is one of the most famous producers in Montalcino and when they started they sold their grapes to Biondi Santi, but after a while they desided to start make the own wines insted. They produce Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Madonna del Piano. But Rosso di Montalcino is not produced every year. They focus on Brunello di Montalcino and if they have grapes left and feel like it, then they produce Rosso di Montalcino. Haven´t you tried VALDICAVA yet, I recommend to do so ASAP, it´s going to be something extra.

As food Riccardo made two different pizzas and they tasted wounderful and together with these wines, we had a very relaxed and fun afternoon together.

Burrata pansi, tartar chili & Generacion 76, Gothenburg – Sweden

Tartar with chili not something that I have come across very often, not once to be honest. Not in that way that they have put fresh chili fruit in the tartar, and I can say that this combo made this tartar got very, very hot sting. Lucky me that I had some good white wine to drink to this. Where did I eat this tartar with chili? At Hedlunds Havsbar and it was little to much sting in this tartar for me, but if you like very, very hot/ spicy food, this one is the dish for you.

After this, I had to ”cool” down my palate a little so I went to Jespers and for some red wine next to a plate of cheese and hams. The wine from this plate was Bodegas Tempore´s Generaíon 76. A red wine from IGP Bajo Aragón that is made on the grape Tempranillo and oaked for 2 months in american oaks. It´s a wine that is both BIO and VEGAN.

After that I continue to the popular SASSI Café Enoteca for some more wine with cheese and ham plate. I´m a sucker for cheese and ham plates, can never have enough of this. This place is own by Primo Pellegrino and it´s a very nice italian enoteca with lots of love for the food and the wines that are served. You are always welcome here and you will always get good time. Even if you drop by your self, you will always find someone to talk to and share a bottle of wine with if you want.

Then I had got a message from my friend Riccardo that he had lanch a new dessert, so I desided to drop by and taste it. Before I desided to eat some Burrata pansi. Then it was tiime for the dessert and it was a Delizia al Limone and I got recommended to drink a grappa with it. My choice fell on Malvirà Grappa Arneis. Arneis is a local grape that almost only growns in the Arneis area in Piemonte, Italy. Sense Malvirà is located in Canale, the heart of Arneis, they produce a lot fo different styles of arneis products, such as still wines, oaked, steel tank, sparkling wine, dessert wine and also grappa. Malvirà want best possible quality on their grappas ( many wiineries don´t care so much about it´s grappa ) so they send the grapes to the world famous grappa producer; Marolo.

Time flow and suddenly the time was close to 02,00, so time to go home and get som sleep so the whole sunday didn´t past by.

Quorum Wine, Örebro – Sweden

What is Quorum Wine? Yes, that is something very unique wine and I went to restaurant A Mano in Örebro ( medium big city in the ”middle” of Sweden ) to drink vintage 2001 & 2003 with some great old friends that loves wines as much as I do. First, I want short just tell you a little about the restaurant; A Mano. This is one of the best italian restaurants I have been at in Sweden and they delivers food at such high level time after time, so I not say anything else then this is a restaurant that everybody should visit.

Back to Quorum Wine! What is that and how did this wines turn up on the market and where does the wine come from. Quorum Wine started with a group of five friends who represent five of Asti’s GREAT Barbera producers: Coppo, Prunotto, Braida, Vietti and Chiarlo, together with its leading grappa producer; Berta. These friends had a mutual desire to protect the natural resources in Piemonte and help preserve the local customs and culture of Asti. To create Quorum, each wine producer donated one hectare from their top producing single vineyard estates and they decided to only release Quorum in outstanding years when the quality was deemed to be truly exceptional. Quorum has been called “second to none” by Robert Parker and received international awards. Wine from Quorum is more than a wine – it is a true symbol of the entire Piemonte region and the best that Asti has to offer. When I heard that A Mano still had Quorum left in their wine celler, I needed to get there ASAP and drink it, before someone else beat me to it.

I don´t really know how I can sum up my impressions about these wines, so I simply say WOW!! If you have a chance to buy/ taste Quorum wines, do it!

Ma Cuisinie, Gothenburg – Sweden

Middle of the week and time to try the new french restaurant Ma Cuisine and see what they have to offer. Short of time, so I have only time two middle size dishes this time, but that is a perfect test for me. Then I can deside if I want to go back or not and test the rest of the menu.

Mushroom toast, between 3-4 different mushrooms and some peas ( that I don´t understand what they did on the plate, because they didn´t help the dish to taste better ), but I like the home made bread a lot. My favorite amongs these two was the beef tartar with parsley crème, fried shallots, olive oil and capers. As wine I choose a guest wine, white from burgundy.

Short of time, so not much more to say about it right now. It was good enough and aroused my taste buds enough to make me wanna come back.

Trattoria La Sultana, Gothenburg – Sweden

Italian food have for so many years been very close to my heart and I love to eat Italian food and the more authentic they are, the better…most of the time. On a side street there is a place that I have heard much about, but never tried even it have been on my to-taste-list. The restaurant I´m talking about is called Trattoria La Sultana.

When it was time for a dejt, why don´t go a romantic italian restaurant and why don´t make this night the time to also try something new? So, why don´t make it two birds with one stone?! Said and done, I booked a table at Trattoria La Sultana. I really looked forward to this, not only for the food, but also for the dejt with this beautilful blond girl with eyes that melt my heart and my knees soft like pasta. Her smile just make me happy and in love.

Insted of order regular starters, we desided to order a pizza Margherita di bufala, but in kids size. Rumors on town said that this pizza is something to die for, therefore the perfect start on this wounderful dejt. I can´t remember which wine we drank, had my focus on something else. As main I order the pasta dish Pollo con Portabello with shredded chicken, chicken sauce, rigatoni, portabello mushroom, sage, parsley and Parmigiano-Reggiano. But I choose to order it without the portabello mushrooms, just got feeling that I didn´t want muchroom for this dish. Even for this dish, I can remember what wine we drank.

The pizza was perfect and didn´t take many seconds before that was finished. Also the pasta was great with perfect cooked pasta. This trattoria I will visit again for sure. Great night, great food and super great dejt. Dessert we desided to have at home….

CIRO, Jönköping – Sweden

Finaly in Jönköping to visit my good old friend and some other friends. Jönköping is a really nice town, I like it most in summer time. Sense I´m a big pizza fan och try pizza as often as I can, I have deside that we should meet up at the well spoken CIRO Ristorante & Bar. It talks a lot about this place, so I have to try it and see.

CIRO makes real Neapolitan pizza and the only one in Jönköping, what I know about. Sense i have soo good friends with me, I deside that we need to drink something extra, and lucky me this day because CIRO have some guest wines by the bottle so I choose Ceretto Barbaresco 2015 and as pizza I choose a classic Margherita.

The next day, I went back for lunch and to see if they could deliver same quality at lunch as they did at night. They did, but sorry to say that they only have this day white pizza and that is not my favorite kind of pizza.

Overall, CIRO delivers and it´s a place I will come back to and can recommend to others. Just hope they continue with guest wines, so they have something more interesting then they have on their regular winelist.