NOMA, Copenhagen – 2015

In 2015 I was at NOMA in Copenhagen and tried their menu. At this time, it was the ”old” NOMA ( today the restaurant BARR is located at that address ).

It was 18 courses and wine to 14 of them, so we had to order wine by the glass to the first dishes. What was strange whith that was that the waitress didn´t want to tell us what wine was best. We desided to go with white and that was lucky, the dishes would not have worked to well with reds. I didn´t like that we didn´t get any information on what choice of wine that would have been best.

During the dinner; Chefs was very good to inform us about the different dishes, but the waitresses didn´t say much about the wines. Just pour it into the glasses and told of the country and area the wines came from.

The food was very interessting and nothing that I had eaten before in this way, so it was very good that I had a open mind when I got there. When it´s that many dishes, it´s maybe normal that I don´t like them all, but overall I was impressed of how they cooked them and come up with the ideas how to cook them.

After it all, we got the chance to see the whole restaurant both in kitchen and the second floor where the ”laboratory” was. Here is was full with chefs that tested new ways of cook a yellow onion for example.

Overall it´s was a experience that I´m glad I did.

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