Enrico Bartolini at MUDEC

2017 in May I went to 2 star Michelin restaurant Enrico Bartolini at MUDEC. MUDEC is the Museum of Cultures in Milano and I saw a exhibition about Russia before I went up to the third floor and had dinner at Enrico Bartolini.

We started with some Ferrari Spumante in the courtyard and some snacks to we all was gathered.

Big round tables and very nice chairs ( that is something I think some restaurants forget to think about when they choose chairs, to many focus on the design, but if I´m going to sit for a dinner for hours and enjoy good food and wines, the chairs comfort is importent ) and great new friends from all continents that was invited to this dinner.

The service was top and the food was top, this was a dinner that had it all and I´m looking forward to visit his other restaurants that are located over Italy.  Enrico Bartolini is the only chef in the history of the Michelin Guide to have been awarded four stars at the same time, including two for his eponymous restaurant at the MUDEC Museum of Cultures in Milan.

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