N´Ombra de Vin – Milano

In may 2017 I and some friends visit a great winebar in Milano, thanks to a very good friend we had the pleasure to find this bar. We all just got blown away of the this winebar. As soon you came down the stairs, it was wines everywhere. The room was narrow, but very deep and by the wall on each side it was wines, almost direct from the floor but up to the roof. On the left  side, we could see a small bar. It was a very nice ”basement” that they have turned into a winebar that I will never forget and will visit as soon I´m back in Milano.

We all hade a great night and we drank some very great wines and there where a lot more of great wines that we didn´t had the time to drink, and we all still talk about this winebar and the wounderful rustic interior.

If you ever go to Milano and like/ love wine, you must go to this place. Here you have the address: N´Ombra de Vin, via S. Marco 2, Milano and if you want to follow them on instagram; @nombradevin

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