Geranium – 2017

We went to Copenhagen and had booked the 3 star Michelin restaurant Geranium, and the anticipation was big. Seen and heard so much about this restaurant, but to be honest not looked up so much exact where it was located. Big surprise when I discover that it was located in one of the 4 towers at the football stadium PARKEN.

Coming out from the elevatior and been met by this wounderful view over Copenhagen, it was great. The interior was so clean, big tables, big windows from floor to roof and wide so it almost looked like one big window. Loved it direct.

We got a big table with a big couch that we could share and from that angel we could continue to look out over Copenhagen during the whole dinner. The food, the plating, the wines, the tea, the service – yes, everything was sooo outstanding!! Can only say positive things about this visit.

After we got a tour and we started in the wine cellar ( lots of very nice wine in there ) and then through the smaller dining area and then into the prep kitchen, from where the chefs could look out over the football field, and then into the kitchen and back to our seating.

Geranium is something that I must visit again!

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