HUGO Restaurant + Weinbar – Berlin – 2017

Every year in October there is a bartenders fair called BCB in Berlin, so I went down to taste some nice and also new spritis brands, but of course I had booked a dinner at the 1 star Michelin Guide restaurant HUGO Restaurant + Weinbar that are located in the luxury hotel InterContinental.

Arrived at the top floor with the elevator and was welcomed by a very nice gentleman that took care of my jacket. Then he showed me trough the winebar and into the restaurant.

It´s a very nice interior and lovely view over Berlin, but to sad that I get a table almost as far as possible from the windows. That made my view not so lovely, but what can you do? Just to enjoy the dinner insted. 

Started with a glass of Champagne, so I could get into the right mood for this dinner. The I choosed the 5 course menu with winepairing. Food was just the way I expected from a 1 star Michelin restaurant and the winepairing was very good as well until the head sommelier came with a orange wine. Didn´t match the food what so ever in my mouth, so that was a very big miss in my eyes…, he spoke so long and well about this wine and then it fell flat with the foodparing. But it´s a big trend right now with nature and orange wines…

I would like to come back and sit by a window next time and give the sommelier a chance again to give me a new winepairing and see how that will be. Next time I will also stay at the hotel, much more easy then to try find a cab that takes creditcard. Cash is still king in Germany and cabs.

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