Era Ora, Copenhagen – 2017

Landing in Copenhagen, again, and stright to the hotel and drop the bags. Even it was in october, the sun was shining and ok warm to sit outside to enjoy a glass of Champagne. But then of the a favorite, Era Ora. The Italian restaurant that have holding 1 star Michelin Guide for ( I think ) 19 stright years. I never had a bad time here.

When we get inside, the staff is quick to welcome us and take our jackets and then we get shown to our seats. Close to the big windows out to their small backyard. When seated, I see the beautiful wall decoration and above us is the big, gold and wounderful chandelier and next to us is the ”wood” corner with the big and thick wood table and wooden chairs.

We start with some nice Franciacorta and then we got invited down to their small wine cellar by the owner and that was very nice to see. Picture from that in a other post together with information about the wines we had.

Then the foods comes in dish by dish and that, again, so superb and the mix between the flavours was so great and we was just happy and pleased with everything. This is a restaurant that you really need to visit, so great!!

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