CORE by Clare Smyth, London – 2018

Back in London again and great friends and we desided to book at table at new restaurant CORE by Clare Smyth. Chef that have been working for Gordon Ramsey for many year and now standing on her on feet. Town House in Notting Hill, really liked the location. When I first get inside I meet a long bar, with the typical spirits but some new gins that I have tried before, so I order a Dry Martini. I drink my Dry Martini´s only on Gin and olives. Want to taste the gin and not mix it with vermouth.

We got shown to our round table i the middle of the big room, so that was great for me sense from my chair I could see into the kitchen and see what they was doing in there. Always nice to see. Also to my happiness, they use ZALTO glasses ( for me the best wineglasses on the market ).

We choose the tasting menu with winepairing and the expectations started to make them notice in my soul. The start was just great and we all was very happy. Food and wineparing was great and we looked forward to next course. But the longer we sat and the more courses that came in on the table, the more the smile started to fade away and we sat and woundering what happening. The wines was still great.

We finish the dinner and took a cab back to our hotel, but made a pit stop at the next door winebar – 28-50 Wine workshop & kitchen on Maddox Street – and ordered a bottle of wine to talk about the dinner. At the end we desided the only explanation is that it´s was so new open ( in January ) so the chefs haven´t got the routines finalized yet and they will get better the more the work, we just need to revisit Core by Clare Smyth.

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