Portobello Road Gin No 171, London – 2018

New morning and new day and after breakfast, we went to Notting Hill. I had booked a visit to Portobello Road Gin and their The Ginstitue for a guide of tour. Therefore we desided to spent the whole day in Notting Hill, see the street sales, street food and the classic blue door from the movie – Notthing Hill.

We desided to take the tub, so we could start at the beginning of the street and walk and see it all. After a short time we could start to see the Portobello Road Gin building ( they have bought the whole block, so it´s a hotel, restaurant, the Ginstitute ) and it´s a big sign and you can´t miss it.

The Ginstitute starts with a 1 hour in the basement and guide talks about the history of Gin and he does that in a very interesting way and we all are really enjoying our selfs. During the history ”lesson” we get 3 different gin drinks to enjoy. I´m not a big fan of sitting still and listen, but this hour flow by very quick and I wanted to learn/ know more. That good was the ”teacher”.

Then we have a break for 15 min, if you needed to do something. After the break we all was split up into 2 groups ( 10 person / group ) and we was seated down in a room with a lot of different herbs, both dry and distilled.

The idea with this room is that we all now was going to produce our own gin. You have a base withh 7 different hebs in the gin and then we have the time to smell and taste the dried herbs & fruits that was on the table and also the ones that was distilled. We listen again to the ”teacher” when he explained how we should think when we produce our own gin. We all started to smell, taste, smell, taste and mix and smell and taste and after 1 hour we all had deside with ingrediens we wanted in our gins and the ”teacher” listen and then he desided how big part / ingrediens it should be in the bottle and then they mixed it.

My on gins ingrediens

And after the the gin was mixed with the ingrediens that I have choosen I got my own label and with a number on it, so now I can and everybody else go to this web-site and write in the number and order my gin when ever I want.       https://www.theginstitute.com/product/18762/

My gin; Citrus Edition

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