Les 110 de Taillevent London – 2018

New day and saturday, we have desided to visit a restaurant & winebar that have 110 different wine by the glass. I have been there before, so I´m looking forward to see if the a la carte is the same or better quality then the lunch. What I like about this place is just that, that they have 110 different wines by the glass and that is just the street behind Oxford Street, so it´s close when you are around the nice shoppingstreets as Oxford, Regent & Bond Street.

We arrived as planed and the interior is very clean. Wood, brown and little green, so it´s not for the interior I go there. We got a table almost in the middle, so we all had to sit in chairs.

They don´t have a tasting menu, they have more a stright menu stright up and we desided to choose 5-6 different ones and then insted of choose wine by the glass, we choose bottle by bottle. And we did that because we all desided almost the same dishes and therefore the wine paired well for all of us.

I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this place. Think is very nice place to just drop by and take a lunch and glass/ glasses of wine, but to choose this restaurant for dinner is not my first choice. I din´t get the feeling I want to have when I eat dinner. It felt like lunch and they just have lower the lights inside and it was darker outside, but same menu and same same if you understand what I mean?!

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