Copenhagen one sunday in April – 2018

Touch down in Copenhagen again, this time to me up my good friend Chuck. I´m lucky that he lives in London now, insted of US so we can meet up more often. He had work in Copenhagen on monday, so we met up on sunday for day in the sun och enjoy food and wines.

We started of with some lunch at Restaurant GEIST, a White Guide recommended restaurant and a chef that is very well known. They working with the concept of ordering many small dishes and sit long time and eat, plus they have good bartenders that makes great cocktails. The location is just at Kongens Nytorv. The interior at Geist is very simple, but still cozy. More focus on the food and cocktails then the interior. Sense we had booked a big dinner later that night, I desided for 2 dishes and some wine, just so I have food to last until dinner.

First time for me to eat here, just been here before to drink cocktails, and I have to say that they deliver both good flavours and nice plating. Waiter was very kind and helpfull with me to find a great wine for each dish. I will return and test more of the menu.

After tested some bars for little more drinks, dinner was coming up for us. Sense we both like a good steak, Chuck had booked at MASH ( the one close to Kongens Nytorv ), and I have been at MASH before and have not been so impressed by them. But these times have been for lunch, and this time is dinner time. To make it easy for us, we ordered a Portersteak on 1,3kg and some sides to that.

This time I have to say, they deliver on the meat. The Portersteak was really good and we both liked it a lot. But the sides once again did not impressed me, like the other times I have been here. I have everytime been at the same MASH, just so I can compare it fair. Now I think it will take a while before I go to a MASH again.

This sunday was great and we had a great time and the time flow away and the time became 02,30pm very quick so back to the hotel for some sleep.

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