Marchal, Copenhagen – 2018

Woke up great in my bed at my hotel after a great day with my friend Chuck. Today was breakfast and shopping on my list before a late lunch before I had to get back to Sweden.

For lunch I had booked the 1 star Michelin Guide restaurant MARCHAL, that are inside Hotel d´Angleterre right on Kongens Nytorv. Have heard so much about this restaurant, therefore I wanted to try it before I went back. I had big expectations on this restaurant, so I dressed up a little bit extra. So I went to ILLUM to shop some new cloths, and relaxed after the shopping with a glass of Champagne in the Champagne bar at the top level in ILLUM shopping house.

Arrived to Marchel and was placed at a table by the window, so I could see out on Kongens Nytorv. Dark black wooden table, with a chair in the same style with white pad. Nice chair. Started to look at the menu, and I was little surprised when I saw that the only offer a 3 course menu, if I wanted to eat menu. Otherwise it was only dish by dish. No tasting menu or other more interesting menu, that I´m use to be able to choose at other Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen. I choosed the 3 course menu and wine by the glass to each dish. Let the sommelier choose for me to each dish.

I have to say, that I was not impressed at all on this. The food was something that many, many other restaurants can put out on the plate and for a lot of less money. What I have now heard from other is; if I want to experience the Michelin start quality, it´s at dinner time, the lunches is more ”regular” food.

Sense there is so much competition in Copenhagen amongs the restaurants and that many have Michelin star/ stars, you much deliver your A game when you are open. Otherwise the guest will choose the next restaurant they go out and eat.

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