SK Mat & Människor, Gothenburg – 2018

Had friends from Örebro in town for visiting and we desided to book a table at 1 star Michelin Guide restaurant SK Mat & Människor. This restaurant is own by famous chef Stefan Karlsson and before he open this one, had own FOND. SK Mat & Människor is a little smaller then FOND and there is no white tablecloths and so on here, so it´s little more casual here. I was here when they just had open and that time I was not so pleased with it, but this time and couple more years after opening they now delivers food and wine to a much higher class and we was very happy with this dinner.

The interior for this restaurant is mych more casual; big windows, kitchen is open, some tables are little higher so you need a bar stool and other tables are regular so you sit on a chair. Table are made by stable wood, the chairs and bar stool as well and with semi soft pad to sit on.

We choose the 4 course menu and winepairing to that. My friends did some changes, but that was not a problem for the staff to fix, so we all got what we wanted. After couples of hours, we had finish our desserts and dessert wines.

Then we started to order in some very nice bottles of wines to finish of the night with, just to enjoy and sit and talk. Times past so quickly, we don´t see each other so often so we desided to stay and enjoy some really good wines and talk. That said, we closed the place and was the last people to leave the restaurant, something that happens to us many times when we meet and go to restaurants. Well, someone must be the last to leave and it seems that is always us.

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