Casa Perbellini, Verona – 2018

After few days in Verona, today is the day to eat dinner at Casa Perbellini. Casa Perbellini is a 2 start Michelin Guide restaurang and I´m looking forward to this so much. Have heard and read so much about this restaurang and also the owner/ chef Giancarlo Perbellini. I wanted to come earlier to eat during my trip, but he was fullbooked, therefore I needed to stay some extra days in Verona. Didn´t mind that at all, few extra days in my favorite town is always ok with me.

The restaurang is on a small square little bit outside central Verona and the oldest part of Verona ( when I say central Verona, I mean around the big arena on the big square ). First I don´t see the entrance, so I ask the taxi driver if he have taken us to the right address, but he points at a door that is total in wood, without any chance to see inside. Finally I see a small brown/ black sign on the side at the door and I push the button. The door was open and step right into a small bar area/ waiting area and are welcome by Giancarlo PerBellini him self.

Is shown to our table, on the way we walking by the open kitchen and is seated down. They have a menu, but also they have something called The Chefs Surprise Menu. That is when the chefs choose all the food and we get to know when the plates are our table, so of course we the choice was not difficult to make. We don´t event know how many dished that are included in this, but we have no stress.

Dish after dish comes in and I have to say; the food is awesome, the plating is perfect. I had one of my best dinners ever when it comes to food. Sorry to say that the wineparing that we had ordered, didn´t been my best I have dranken. Overall the paring was good, but some choices that the sommelier made was a big questions mark for me, but I have forgotten about that sense the food was so super awesome. Thank you all at Casa Perbellini for this wounderful dinner.

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