Pollen Street Social, London – 2018

Touch down in London again, this time for 3 nights and lovely restaurants booked and meeting with friend and shopping and little bit wine fair. Great to be back in London, so many things I missing.

First night the booked restaurant is 1 star Michelin Guide Pollen Street Social by Jason Atherton. Jason Atherton has many restaurants in London and many of them have Michelin Stars. Rumors says that Jason him self like to pop in and work in the kitchen at Pollen Street Social, so little chance to that but that´s why I booked Pollen.

Before I arrived I droped in at 28-50 Wine workshop & Kitchen on Maddox Street, that´s just across the street from Pollen Street Social. I can´t get enough of theirs Pulled Pork mini burgers with pickled red onions as snack to some good glasses of wine.

Pollen Street Social and tasting menu with winepairing, this time I had the wineparing menu FINE, to see how muchh better is the wines if I choose little higher price.

I was little surprised on the interior, it´s was much more darker colours that I was thinking. But this is not a fine dining in that style, this is really more a social place when everybody can come as you want ( almost anyway ) and to sit down and socialise and have a relaxed time and enjoy. Also, the location is on a side street, so less light comes through the big glasses, so when it get´s darker outside, it´s get darker inside. I had no problem with that, but it made it much more difficult to take good pictures on the plates.

Next time in London, I will visit a other Jason Atherton restaurant that´s for sure.

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