Marcus, London – 2018

Second day in London and time for the 2 star Michelin Guide restaurant MARCUS at The Berkeley Hotel.

Love to visit new restaurants, to see what they have to offer and how they will plate the food, what concept they working with, their philosophy and all. Every restaurant is so different even if they have same numbers of stars, or BIB, or just around the corner from your house and in the same block. That´s why it´s never gets dull to eat out.

When I arrive at The Berkeley Hotel, I don´t see any signs of MARCUS. But then I see something that looks like an nice restaurant inside the hotel. In through the doors and to the right and get stoped at the entrance at a small restaurant. But that was not MARCUS, they show me through the smaller restaurant and into a very wide room with big tables and white tablecloths. The table could easy handle 6 person, and each table have classic leather chairs and couches. They have pleaced the guests all over the restaurant, even it´s not so many guests at this time.

Start with order a Dry Martini on Sipsmith Gin and olives, no vermouth, and look at the menu.

I deside to go with the 8 course menu and the prestige selection wine. They have a huge winelist, but I like to go with the winepairing when I go with tasting menu.

The service starts and dish after dish is placed on the table. The service is great, many of the staff is coming from France ( that I have notice at other restaurants as well ) and they have little extra love for french wines. French wines are good, it´s nothing wrong with that. The food is well balanced in the flavours and the plating is a good as I can ask for and time flys away quick.

The milk chocolate nougat dessert was tought, the nougat was really nougat and so much flavours and was great. You need to like/ love nougat to cope to eat it all. Perfect dessert wine to it. I was more then happy with this visit and I understand why they have 2 stars with Michelin Guide.

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