Almanak, Copenhagen – 2018

Back to Denmark and Copenhagen again, it´s so easy and quick to get to Copenhagen from my hometown Gothenburg. There is so much to do in Copenhagen as well, so therefore is so fun to take the car, the train and flight to Copenhagen for a 2 day trip and do it often. To spice up the everyday routine/ normals.

This time I desided to try The Standard and the restaurant Almanak. The Standard is a house just beside the inne port at the end of Nyhavn, just where the bridge starts to get over to the other side and where restaurants like BARR, NOMA and so is located. The house that The Standard and all of it´s restaurant are, looks like a house that are designed like a coffee shop from the movie Grease.

Inside this building there have 4 different restaurants; Almanak – this is modern Danish food. Studio – Michelin Guide Star restaurant with big tasting menu. Mission – explores the gastronomic Mediterranean area, with unique Californian approach to life and Danish local produced food. Private Dining – a place to sit private and enjoy good food and beverage with a Copenhagens best view of the inner port.

Studio was full booked, so I took a 4 course menu at Almanak insted with winepairing. The food was good, but was little disappointed on the wines. One red wine was so cold, so I couldn´t drink it. When I aasked about that, the answer I got was just: that is right temperature and the waiter walked away. I like red wine that is cold/ chilled, but not when I almost get frostbites on my lips.

Looking forward to come back and try Studio next time and see what the Michelin star restaurang can deliver.

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