OPUS, Vienna – 2018

Second day in Vienna and after 1/2 day och visiting VieVinum fair, I went out on town for some shopping. Lots of stores = lots of shopping, so perfect before the dinner tonight. To my happines I found a SEACRET store on the main shopping street, so just droped in to get some treatment and buy more of their products. Best products for my skin and we don´t have any store in Sweden, so it´s perfect when I´m traveling to visit SEACRET stores to get treatments and buy new products. They always have great campaigns in the stores.

Back at the hotel for a qucik cloths change and then taxi to Hotel Imperial, where tonights restaurant is located. Restaurant OPUS is a 1 star Michelin Guide, 3 Gault Millau Toques and 90p Falstaff Restaurant Guide, tonight was something I looking forward to.

Interior almost took me back to 1970, but that kind of interior is starting to get popular now again. Wall-to-wall carpet, cloth chairs with big backs and sides, wooden panels on the walls and big white tablecloths that almost went all the way down to the floor.

Started to order a Dry Martini with olives, that is perfect start for a dinner. Sense I saw a couple of good craft destilled Austrian gins on the shelfs, I was counting on that was going to be one of them in my Dry Martini, but that was wrong. Insted they choose a regular Beefeater Gin. That´s not working for me, so I didn´t finish it. Then the menu came to me.

I desided for the 6 course menu and the wines that are recommended. Wanted to get best possible food and wine experience as possible when I´m here. The waiter was really great. Old school and have been working for many, many years and he was great. Whitout him, my dinner would not been as great as it now became. Thank you!

The plating was nice, the food tasted well, good balance on the flavours. Overall I had a great time with good food and well paired wines. Understand why they have got all these awards.

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