Båstad, Sweden – 2018

A very big interest for me and something I´m very active with is Padel tennis. Have only played for 3 years, but after my first test game, I was hooked in a big way. These days I can play 3-4 times / week, and about 2 hours / time. It´s great!

Padel have a World Padel Tour, but that is played in Spain, and on this WPT is all the big players and now the tennis meca in Sweden, Båstad, have got a 5 year contract with WPT and this year was the first time WPT came to Båstad. Me and some friends went to Båstad to meet some of the players ( my friend is the importer of NOX padel rackets, and NOX is a big sponsor to players on WPT ).

Between the games we desided to go for some lunch. We went to Peppes, the famous place in Båstad and where all the parties are during the big tennis week. Just wanted some quick pizza before we went back to the VIP lounge to watch more games. This is the first time ever that I don´t finish my pizza. The size of this pizza was huge, felt like 50cm in diameter. Both I and my friend left almost half of the pizza, and we told the 3 guys that sat down next to us that for them was enough with 2 pizzas, and even they had to leave slices. Huge pizza.

Don´t seems like it on the pictures, but when you sat infront of it…., it was huge.

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