Miss Voon, Stockholm – 2018

Summer and Stockholm, Sweden. Some days I like Stockholm a lot, and other times I´m here I´m not that impressed by Stockholm. It´s like a love and hate relationship I have with Stockholm. I think is because if I want to visit a bigger city then Gothenburg, I have the same distance to Copenhagen in Denmark as I have to Stockholm and then I prefer to go to Copenhagen insted.

For once, I was just standing in the heart of Stureplan and had no dinner plans but I was rally hungry. Called my friend, Per, and asked him and he gave me a tip on Miss Voon, just a 3 min walk from wher I´m standing.

Miss Voon is a restaurant that combining asian food with Scandinavian roots. The menu is a lot of small dishes and they want you to pick many of them, pick until you feel don´t want to eat more. They also have a tasting menu, and that was my choice and to that I let the sommelier pick wines to each dish that he recommended.

For example, I eat Lobster taco, salmon, tuna, sirloin, venison, ice cream and so on. Each dish was in good size and the combination with flavours was perfect. Wine matched really great as well. I had a great night and dinner at Miss Voon and I can recommend it, if you like this kind of food. They have a restaurant in the smaller city Uppsala.

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