Saturday, Gothenburg – 2018

This summer have been awesome summer and when the sun shines, it´s easy to deside to go into town and enjoy good food and wine and see what´s happen during the days. This can happen all year, but something extra when the sun is like a spotlight over my beautiful Gothenburg.

We desided to meet up for lunch, and sense I love seafood, we desided to meet up at Hedlunds Havsbar. This is a seafood shop, but for about 1 year back also became a restaurant/ bar. I love this place, I´m very often here.

Started with schrimps, grilled sea crayfish and Weinrieder Weissburgunder Birthal 2015. Couple of plates with grilled sea crayfish and bottles Weinrieder Weissburgunder later, time had come for go to next place and that was the classic/ iconic restaurant Fiskekrogen. This restaurant have been here for ever if feels like. If you want fish dishes, seafood and great wine, this is the place to be. Here my choice was lobster soup with some pear and hazelnuts.

After the soup and some great wines, was time for next place. Just a quick stop as SOMM Restaurant & Wine bar for a glass of wine. The final for this day was Upper House. Upper House is located at the top of the middle tower at Gothia Towers. Highest hotel in Gothenburg and cross the street from amusement park Liseberg. Here I started with Champagne Pol Roger Vintage 2009 on the terrace, before some food.

Time flow fast and after a great saturday with a final with great dinner at Upper House, it was time to go home and get some sleep. Saturdays like this, that are not planed, seems to always be one of the best days.

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