El Duderino, Jönköping – 2018

Thursday and just arrived to Jönköping for a Spanish dinner by El Duderino. El Duderino have been voted to Swedens Best Spirits Bar 2017. It should be voted that every year. The sortiment they have on the shelfs is something that no other bar have in Sweden. Here you have quality, quality and more quality spirits or high end spirits that some would call it.

Now they have started to have theme dinners and this thursday it´s Spain. Everything is from wine to vermouth to rum to food is from Spain. Even the restaurant don´t have the biggest kitchen, sense they focus on spirits, they are full booked and that is about 46 chairs.

Welcome snacks with cava, follows a 4 course menu with beverage served to it.

First we have some cheese with red wine, 6 months Manchego, Jamon Cebo Iberico and Longaniza. To this I was served La Madre Vermouth & La Madre Rosé Vermouth.

While we are waiting for next course and beverage, Gazpacho and Valdespino El Candado Pedro Ximenez, we got served a Arehucas Guanche ron miel.

Then it´s time for the star of the night, Iberico. Iberico Pluma, fried onion, Mojo Rojo and potatos with some extra salt. To this I get served a great wine; Pico Cuadro Wild from Ribero del Duero.

Now it´s time for the final, Cremé Catalana and Arehucas Anejo Reserva Especial 18yo.

It was a great night with friends and food and drinks and quiz and all that you wish for a regular thursday. Thank you all!

If you are in Jönköping, you must visit El Duderino and enjoy some really good spirits.

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