Avalon Bar, Gothenburg – 2018

Sense I´m not only love to eat and drink wines, I have a big love for high quality cocktails as well. Cocktail bars is something that we have many in Gothenburg and the bartenders is really inetrested to learn more and therefore they travel to Copenhagen, London, Stockholm, Berlin and so on to visit other cocktail bars. One of my favorite bar in Gothenburg is the bar at Hotel Avalon. Great location in the middle of centrum, where all the shopping is and easy for everybody to get to with the big local traffic stop just outisde.

Friday and I knew that one of the best bartenders was working, therefore I desided to visit him for some friday cocktails. When I order my cocktails, I like to see the bartenders work and come up with new drinks, want them to be on their toes. Therefore I only say what kind of flavour I want my drink to taste and then they can do what ever they want to get there. If I say I want my drink to taste strawberry, they go with gin, tequila, vodka, bourbon or what ever base of spirits they think is best for this cocktail. But I don´t want then to use to much of flavours liqueurs with lots of suger, additives and shit. Like some of the big brand liqueurs has, I want them to use fresh pressed strawberries and this like that.

This friday was a good one, sense they had a lot of fruit in the bar so they could make very nice drinks this day. Therefore my short visit, became a long visit.

PS. The crazy man behind the drink is the great bartender that makes all my drinks.

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