Enoteca Maglia, Gothenburg – 2018

Enoteca Maglia is an Italian restaurang in my hometown, and it´s owner is Robert Maglia. He is a chef and was born in Italy, it was natural for him to open up his own ristorante in his hometown. Popular sense the location is in the area called Majorna and there is mostly pubs, so when he open it became a big hit direct. Some periods of the year, he opens at 07,00 for breakfast and then keep it open until they close at 23,00/00,00/01,00/02,00     ( depends on the day of the week ).

Interior is very simple and classic Italian enoteca. Robust, wood, black slate with menus, wines and other information. Come as you are and be as you are and just enjoy the food and wine and when they have live music, enjoy that as well. Summer time, they have a very big outdoor seating at the best sun position.

This saturday started with a winetasting at BSC, small but very fun and great wines. Meanwhile my friend exhibited at a fair in Gothenburg, so I met up him and some other exhibitors at Enoteca Maglia for dinner. We got the big wooden table in a side room, so we sat for our self.

Most of us desided to eat a la carte and order the food that we wanted, because of that we also desided to order wine by the bottle and bottle by bottle, insted of do the winepairing. I took a starter and main course and insted of one dessert, I desided to have two desserts and also at the same time. Why? I don´t really know.

I love wines from winery Malvira’ in Piemonte, Italy. The quality of the wines are so high level vintage after vintage. When I saw that Maglia have so many Malvira’ wines, I desided to order that for the whole evening and company. Started with Malvira’ Roero Arneis Vigna Renesio, then Malvira’ Barbera d´Alba San Michele and to finish of the dinner it was Malvira’ Birbet. Maybe not the best choice to every dish, but sense we ordered so many different dishes, these wines where the best middle thing  for us all.

After the dinner, we walked to the next door where they have open the winebar Vini e Liquori where they have wines from all over the world. But me and my friend Per was in one Italian mood this night, therefore we continue with some Italian wines before it was time for bed.

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