New menu tasting at SOMM Restaurant & Wine Bar, Gothenburg – 2018

It´s tuesday and I have been invited by SOMM Restaurant & Wine bar to join them when they have new food and wine menu tasting. First time I have been invited to this, and I´m Iooking forward to it very much. Going to be interested to see how they do it, have been at other restaurants and join them when they have changed the food- and winemenu. Some are doing very similar and then do it very different from others.

Starts with the starter dish and 4 different wines in the first flight, the wines that they belive in most. If that doesn´t work, just to continue to pour wine in the glasses until we all are agreed that this wine is the best for this dish.

Then we continue with the mail dish and the final is the dessert. This time it was only three dished that was changed. Sometime they change more, all depends on the time of the year and season and how popular a dish is amongs the guests and so on.

It was very fun to be a part of this and have my vote on which wines I prefered to each dish and what I did think about the dished direct to the chefs. Be a part of the team and be heard. Even more fun that the wine I liked the most, was also the wine that won and are now served to the Duck with pumpkin and sea buckthorn with sauce with flavours of orange. The wine a La Casa De Las Esencias from Ribera del Duero with 100% Tempranillo and oaked for 6 months.

To sum it up, very fun and I´m looking forward/ hope to be invited to the next time they have a new food- and winemenu change. Thank you SOMM!

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