Saturday evening, Gothenburg – 2018

Once again I have been at one more winetasting with some great wines during late lunch. After that tasting I was little bit hungry, but I needed to go up very early on sunday and therefore I didn´t want this night to be to late and to much. Sense SOMM Restaurant & Wine Bar is on the way home, I desided to take a quick dinner there.

My friend Pontus was with me and we desided to order the 3 course menu, but I switched the Pork belly to Lemon sole and then we could taste from each other plates. I went with winemenu and Pontus went with beers. After dinner I ordered a very nice glass of wine of VIETTI Barolo Castiglione and then a cup of tea. Pontus ordered a Gin & Tonic on Bombay Sapphire Gin & Polara Tonica. Then we out on town, it become a great night and not so early as I planed and therefore I desided to sleep in on sunday morning.

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