SOMM Restaurant & Wine Bar, Gothenburg – 2018

Monday evening and nothing to do and don´t want to make dinner at home, what to do? Let´s go to my ”diningroom” SOMM Resturant & Wine Bar for dinner. Said and done, 15 min later I sat at my table and ordered a 3 course menu with winepairing. I sat at the big ”social” table, for us that drops in. Sometimes you can get it for your selfs, sometimes you need to share it with other guests. Perfect.

SOMM is place where you really get value for money, both for the food and the wines. They have always two winepairing options, like many other, the regular winemenu and then the Coravin winemenu. Choose what you want, the quality of the wines will not make you a disappointed person.

Finish and planed to go home, but insted stayed and drank some more wine and just relaxed and had a great evening.

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