Stockholm for couple of days – 2018

My trip in Stockholm continue for couple of more days and we desided to walk around and try different restaurants, get so much as possible out of it when we only have a few days on us.

We tried the new opened Eataly. Eataly is both a shop with only Italian products and also different restaurants inside. This Eatlay is on two floors, so upstairs you the pasta and pizza restaurants and on ground floor your the more fine dining area. I have visit few other Eataly around europe, but this in Stockholm is very nice. The worst one I have visit is the one in Copenhagen. Is located on the underground floor in the shopping house Magasine du Nord. When you are ”in” Italy, of course I need to eat the pizza. It was good, all the dishes was good.

When your in Stockholm, something that everybody should do is to eat the oysters at Sturehof. Of course we did that, and I drank a very nice glass of Picpoul de Pinet to that. Love that grape. Acorss the street from Sturehof, there is East, they have a outdoor seating all year, and their asian ciusine. I don´t know if it still so, but I know that in the past is was the famous Max Martin that own East.

We went to the very popular restaurang Strandvägen 1, always much  people there from lunch to closing. This that was a big winetasting event on wine from the iconic TERLATO Wines and after the winetasting, we had dinner here as well with wines from the winetasting.

We also tried the very popular Berns asian, nice to compare with East, and had lunch. Berns also have a hotel that is very nice, so I have booked Berns Hotel for my visit in Stockholm. Haven´t stayed that my self yet, but friends are very happy with it. Had also time to try Nybrogatan 38 restaurant for some Taco with roe, dill and pickled onion and for main I have classic swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.

It was a few intensive days in Stockholm and many restaurants that was tested, but over all it was good couple of days and soon I´m back in Stockholm again and then other restaurants will be tested. Looking forward to it. Thank you.

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