Avalon is lanuching new concept, Gothenburg – 2018

Hotel Avalon and it´s restaurant is lanuching new concept. Hotel Avalon have been open for many years now and they have a very popular cocktailbar and the lunches is crazy popular, but in some way the restaurant have been struggling when it comes to evenings and nights to getting the people to come.

At the end of September they lanuch their new concept, smaller dishes to very nice price and to get the guests to eat many dishes and share and just enjoy the time you spends with your friends/ family/ loved one or who ever you eating with or if you are a traveller by work.

I start with a Dry Martini on Brooklyn Gin with olive. I should have asked for me then just one :-), while I´m looking at the menu. When I finaly have made up my mind, I go for three dishes and letting the waiter deside the wine for each dish.

First dish is what they call Toast. Scallops between two toast and on top it´s truffel. The toast and scallops taste perfect, but for me it´s to way much of the truffel. When I take a bite with everything, it´s only taste truffel and for me that is not good. I also know that there is so many people that LOVE truffel and only want to eat truffel, but I´m not one of the these people. I like truffel when I can taste it but it still don´t kills the other flavors.

Second dish is what they call Råbiff. Råbiff is tartar, but they also have a dish called Tartar but it´s something else. Little bit confusion for the guest I can think, was for me anyway. Råbiff is is classic tartar, but on top they have popped popcorn and that can seems crazy/ strange for many, for me was great. The corn flavor together with the tartar flavors was a very nice combo. I was very positive surprised and liked it. Something you should try.

Last dish was Kebab roll. Kebab roll with ”souvas” on deer and trout roe. Maybe don´t looks so tasty and I was little skeptical when I saw it on the plate, but when I rolled it and started to eat all that disappeared and I enjoyed it very much. Your fingers will get sticky, so keep the napkin close to you and ask for wet napkins to use when you are finish with the roll.

To sum up Avalon´s new concept. I will say that this is really good and I think that finaly Hotel Avalon will get their restaurant to be popular, as they have done with their cocktialbar sense they open.

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