New menutasting @SOMM Resturant & Wine bar, Gothenburg – 2018

Time again for my ”diningroom” restaurant to change some of the dishes on their menu. Tuesday and all the staff and chefs sits down and taste the new food and try to find the new best possible winepairing for the new dish. Once again I´m invited to be a part of this. I´m very greatful and happy for beeing a part of this.

Three new starters and one dessert was on the menu today, so lots of white wines to taste today as well. First dish is Celeriac*truffel*hazelnut and then we had Scallop*miso*citrus and final starter is Lobster*risotto with 16 months parmigiano reggiano permansan on top and that was matched with Malvira’ TreUve. Wine with Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Arneis that is oaked on 450 Liters french oaks for 12 months separate before blending. The new dessert is Pear*chocolate*caramel. Four new very nice dishes, my favorites are the Scallop and the Lobster dishes.

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