Thörnströms Privata Rum, Gothenburg – 2018

Thörnströms Kök open 2011 and sense then they have been awarded 1 star by Michelin Guide. They have only open on evenings and for a couple of years ago Håkan and Anne Thörnströms desided to open Thörnströms Privata Rum and at the location have friday lunch, cooking lessons, X-mas dinners and other kind of activites.

Friday and time to visit Thörnströms Privata Rum for lunch and see what they deliver in quality. We desides to order the 3 course menu and one bottle of wine. The starters are placed like a buffé, so we can pick what ever we want and think looks interesting. The we order the fish for main and for dessert I take a chocolate mousse and tea.

The wine was Etienne Sauget Puligny-Montrachet 2013 and it was a really great wine. For starter I desided to take little of many things, I wanted a chance to taste as much as possible and get best possible knowledge on what they serve and how it taste.

It was a good lunch and I understand why it´s popular when they are open. 

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