Project, Gothenburg

Thursday and going to meet up a friend for some hockey game, but first we desided to meet up for a glass of wine.

The latest Michelin BIB Gourmand restaurang in Gothenburg is Project. They got their BIB Gourmand during 2018 and I have been a visitor this Project sense they open couple of years ago and in the beginning I was more there for the wines, but for about a year ago I started to appreciate their food as well. I´m happy for them and I think also they deserve this BIB Gourmand.

It´s not a big winebar, but they have a nice and cozy interior and comfortable chairs and big windows so you can sit and look out on all the people passing by outside.

They also have small rooms behind the wall with all the wines, that is more old bricks-wall and rustic interior, different from the room you see on my pictures. But all comes together in a nice and cozy way.

I started with glass of Chablis today and while we looked at the menu. Sense the hockey game was going to start, we didn´t have a lot of time this time and therefore I deside to have a main course and then we shared a cheeseplate.

I had Free range pork ( from Sweden ) with apple and honey. The pork was perfect cooked and the flavors with the apple and honey was super great. I can really recommend this place, really good.

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