Friday Part 1 – Café 3 Små Rum Brewery

Friday and International Champagne Day, a day do to something fun. I desided to visit my long old time friend and his BrewPub. The beer pub Café 3 Små Rum have been around in Gothenburg for over 18 years and have been rated as Best Pub in Sweden at RateBeer and other sites and magazines and so on. For a couple of years ago, he desided to start brew his own beers in the kitchen with a real brew equipment and named the beers 3,5 Meters ( that was the distance from the brew to the tap ) and the repsons was higher then he ever thought and the raiting on RateBeer and Untapped got him to be amongs the top. Café 3 Små Rum was the first BrewPub in Gothenburg.

The Brew Equitment in the kitchen

Sense the popularity of his beer got high, he desided to brew bigger batcher and therefore he need to found a new location where he could have bigger equiment and lucky he found a empty local about 15-20 meters from his café/ pub. And now he brews both in the kitchen and in the bigger brewery, so he can have more of his own beers on tap to his guests joy.

Not the biggest brewey, but the beers that comes out from it is the highest quality and very liked by the beer enthusiasts that visit Café 3 Små Rum and rate his beers on Untapped and RateBeer.

If you like beers and you are in Gothenburg, you must visit Café 3 Små Rum at Kristinelundsgatan 4.

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