New menu @sommrestaurant, Gothenburg

Tuesday and once again is time for some new dishes at SOMM Restaurant and Wine bar. Today it was time for 2 bigger dishees to get changed and I had the honer to be there and get my voice heard.

I really love this table, old wine wooden cases that have been used. We always sit at this table when we taste the new menu, the staff and chefs tell us what they have cooked up and we give feedback and also we taste few wines blind and then we desides which wine per dish that taste best and then that is what will be served for the next couple of months until next change comes.

The new dished today was; Cod * mushroom * salsify as fishdish and for meatdish is was; Flank * jerusalem artichoke * tarragon. Two good dishes and I´m surt that the guests will enjoy them a lot. Thank you SOMM for this time.

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