Quick visit to Stockholm

Back in Stockholm and this time I had the pleasure to have visit by my dear friend Chuck. Going to be two great days with good restaurants and wine/ beer and relaxed time.

We checked in at Berns Hotel and started our lunch to eat at Berns Asian restaurant and their great sushi. After that is was cab to the new winebar; SAVANT  Kafé & Wine Bar. I visit them when they was building the bar and they had just started to paint one of the walls and today I saw in it´s glory.

After SAVANT we took a cab to Griffins Steakhouse for a quick glass of wine/ beer, for after that go to GRILL for a couple of glas of wines/ beers and some bar snacks. We desided to go with oysters and some whitefish roe. Didn´t want to eat to much sense we had booked dinner at the great meat restaurang AG.

Arrives at Restaurang AG and we walk in dirty and narrow corridor. There is white tiles on from the half wall and up to the roof and not really and signs where to go. The only things that shows that there is a restaurant in the building is the paperslips that says that they renovating on the second floor and that it can be noise. To sum up, it looks little like a butchering location. That is perfect I have to say.

Up on the third floor, we walk in to the restaurant and the first thing we see is the wine cellar and meat fridges with alla the meat hanging. Great/ lovely sight. A waiter and the owner, Johan Jureskog, welcomes us and we gets shown to our table. The restaurant is packed and great feeling overall. Interior is as in the corridor, feels like a butchering facility.

All the staff is great, they know what they talking about and are very good to sell the products so we order things that we didn´t plan from the beginnig but is something we like a lot. 

While looking at the menu, we drank a glas f Riesling from Germany. Then we for the dinner we drank this wounderful EMILIO MORO Malleolus 2015. Nice thing that they have braille on the label. We both order from the days special meat list and I had the steak from Scotland and Chuck had the one from Argentina. A lot of sides came in to the table, we didn´t finish everything. Not possible :-).

Strange thing about me is that, when I eat meat I get very hungry for dessert and even this time and therefore I ordered two desserts. Both was great. First I had chocolate mudcake with whipped cream. The whipped cream was perfect whipped. Then I had Petit-chou with vanilla, cloudberries and chocolate sauce. The Petit-chou was to die for.

Restaurang AG is something that you must visit and try if you eat meat.

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