3 days in Friuli – Part 1

Me and my good friends ( Anna, Karin, Magnus & Peter ) jumped on a plan and flow down to Friuli for 3 days. We was going to visit a friend on mine, Christian, that works as export manager for the winery LIVON. Just a relaxing short weekend with good food and wines, was our plan with this weekend. We got so much more on this amazing trip.

After we landed at the Trieste Airport, we picked up the rental car and hit the road to our hotel/ B&B; Villa Chiòpris, that was going to be our home for the next 3 days. On the way we desided to make a quick stop for some lunch. We desided to make it easy and just just Tripadvisor and on that we found Ristorante Arcimboldo in San Canzian d´Isonzo.

Location 2 meters from the main road in this town and didn´t look much from the outside. I was the one that won? the lottery ticket to drive all weekend, I parked the car and we went inside. Looked like what you can expect at a ristorant by the road and in a small town. I like this kind of places, most of the time when I´m traveling around Italy.

We deisded to order smaller portions of 5 different dishes, so we could taste as much as possible from as many dishes as possible and to this we started with Prosecco from Villa Sandi and then we continue with local red wine on the grape Cabernet Franc. The ristorante own wine.

I have to say, maybe the label don´t look so classy and maybe the food    don´t look that fancy and exclusive on the pictures, but when I tasted the food ( and that goes for all these dishes ) it was very, very good. When I put this into perspective to where I´m sitting and what I taste, this food was really, really good. I was impressed by the chef and what he/ she delivered on these plates.

To sum up, this lunch was the perfect start on our weekend and we all looked forwared on what to come and I drove us all safe to our new home for the next 3 days at Villa Chiòpris.

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