3 days in Friuli – Part 2

Finlay we arrives at our Bed & Breakfast; Villa Chiòpris Bed & Breakfast. This resident it´s own by the winery, LIVON, which I will tell you more about in a other part of my 3 days in Friuli story. I have pleasure to know the export manager at LIVON and also some of the LIVON family members, thereforeI have booked this trip. Also for see what can be done when visit LIVON and the area, that is because I´m thinking of starting to arrange wine trips to the area, together with a well known travel agent and that can also include golf and hiking and other things.

When we pull up the car on the yard, the first thing we see is this lovely building and I really like this color on the building. This a original color in the area Friuli and the house must be painted in this color. Small door tells us where to enter andjust inside the hall, I see this golden color staty. The weahter is nice and we can walk around in just a shirt/ shirt and sweater. And it´s far our from the city andit´s very silent and direct when we left the bags in our rooms and meet up in the yard, we all feels so relaxed. Perfect!

My friend Christian comes and shows us around the surroundings inside the walls and tells us about the history on the building. The pool is closed, but it´s a popular area to around summer and this summer it´s even more popular. Pool, great Friulian white wines, friends and new friends. Perfect.

It´s big surroundings they have at Villa Chiòpris Bed & Breakfast and this old buildings that you se above, they plan to build a very modern SPA and some more rooms. If they do that, this place will be so super nice. It´s super very high quality today, and if they add SPA to it, then they will have full booked all the time. That is what I think.

The location is also super close to Trieste Airport, only 25 min. with car and to Slovenia is about 30 min. with car. Trieste Airport and Trieste town, it´s about 30 min. with car and from Villa Chiòpris Bed & Breakfast to Trieste town is about 45-60 min. with car. Everything depends on the trafic of course.

This is a place I will visit again and hopefully I will have my friends with me again and also new friends. If you are laning a trip to Friuli, my suggestion is to take a closer look at Villa Chiòpris Bed & Breakfast and stay there. http://www.villachiopris.it/eng/villa.htm

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