3 days in Friuli – Part 3

Friday is getting closer and after a small winetasting at Villa Chiòpris Bed & Breakfast with my good friend Christian, it´s time for dinner. This evening I have booked Hosteria alla Tavernetta, it´s a restaurant that is recommended by Michelin. I prefer to look at Michelin first when I´m looking for restaurants in new cities, when I´m on the road. If I can´t find anything of interest, I ask my friends that lives/ been there and then I look at other foodguides. Hosteria alla Tavernetta is in a small town named UDINE and close to our B&B, therefore I have pre-booked a taxi to drive us.

We gets welcome by the owner and he shows us to our table, that is on the second floor. Small room and less tables, only 4 tables but they are for 4-6 people/ table. We sit down and starts with a sparkling wine on the grape Ribolla Gialla. Local grape here in Friuli. Some people think that sparkling wine from Friuli should be called prosecco, even it´s not on the grape Glera and that is because the town Prosecco is located in the area Friuli. Something for a other post on this blog.

We start with some different anti pasti, the result of this is very mixed when it comes to flavors. Some was very good and some was dry, lack of flavors and to be honest, just boring. But the ones that was good, they was very good. The fried artichoke with dip was really nice, much better then I was expected.

Then they continue to bring us food, and sometimes they brought us food that we haven´t ordered but they wanted us to taste. That was very appreciated by us. Also the wines was good and one was very good; RODARO Romain Pignolo 2010. The grape Pignolo is not the most famous grape outside Friuli ( I think ), but this was very, very good. I´m sorry that I don´t have so many pictures, but the tempo on the waiters was so fast and they turned off plates asap they saw a empty plate, even if we other at the table wasn´t finish yet. We all was very suprised on this and non of us got the relaxed typical Italian dinner feeling. For us, we all have been many times in italy, we are used to have long soft and relaxed dinners but this night was like an Formula 1 race. This was really sad, because we all think that if we would have been given more time to enjoy the food, we all would have gave them very high score, but not this time.

But, I can´t leave a restaurant without have at least one dessert and this time I choose a classic Tiramisu. I have eater better and I have eaten worse.

I still have mixed feeling for this evening/ night at Hosteria alla Tavernetta. Somewhere in my heart I belive they can put some really great food on the table and also give the Italian dinner feeling I used to get in Italy, but this night wasn´t their night and that happens sometimes. But overall, I had with me 4 great friends and we drank some wounderful wines and we had some dished that was really good and I choose to focus on these memories for now, and give them a new chance when I´m back and staying at Villa Chiòpris Bed & Breakfast.

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