3 days in Friuli – Part 4

After a good night sleep and Italian  breakfast, we started saturday morning with a visit at LIVON winery head office and warehouse together with the export manager Christian. Just a nice slow start this morning, after a great friday.

LIVON started 1964 and 2014 they had their 50th birthday. LIVON winery is a family company and are located north-eastern in the region Friuli and Collio and Colli Oriental del Friuli. The manthat started everything is Dorino Livon and did that 1964 when he bought his first hill in Friuli. Then he grown step by step and in the 1980´s the sons started to work in the company. From the start the focus have been quality and white wines and later also the focus on high quality red wines have been added to the portfolio. The years 1992 to 1997 things happen within the company and they desided to buy estates in other regions. They bought Borgo Salcetino in the heart of Chianti Classico area and then Fattoria ColSanto in Bevagna in the Montefalco DOCG area. Even at these wineries they have Bed & Breakfast.

After the visit at LIVON office, we jumped into the cars and headed up amongs the hills to first see some of the plots where they grow the grapes and after that to the Villa BRAIDEALTE where we was going to have a wine tasting again.

When we arrived to a very high hill, we saw Villa BRAIDEALTE and it looked nice, very nice. Before the wine tasting we worked around the villa and from the outdoor area we could see Slovenia at one direction and then we saw Austria at the other direction. On oneof the picture, we saw a casino in a yellow building that was in Slovenia and the road infront on the casino, was the border between Italy and Slovenia. To bad that the weather wasn´t at it´s best this day, but I think we saw good enough to understand how close we really was to Austria and Slovenia. On the second floor in the villa, they have started to age balsamic. Starting in the biggest barrel and then moved them down into smaller year by year.

After the tour, we sat down inside and started the wine tasting. Just thinking of how nice it would be to come back during spring and be able to sit outside and have the wine tasting and at the same time look out over Slovenia, Austria, the mountains, the plots with grapes and the beautiful landscape. After the wine tasting it was lunch time and therefore we desided to have a smaller one at the villa and continue it when we have lunch and at the same time be able to taste wines with food.

The wines we tasted was; LIVON Cavezzo Pinot Bianco, LIVON Braide Grande Pinot Grigio, LIVON RoneAlto Ribolla Gialla, LIVON TiareBlù and final LIVON Eldoro Pignolo. The wines have a very high quality and the ones that impressed me most amongs these 5 wines was Cavezzo Pinot Bianco, Braide Grande Pinot Grigio and Eldoro Pignolo. Eldoro Pignolo was a 2012 and if I compare this one to the Pignolo we had fordinner on friday and was a 2010, I think that LIVON Eldoro Pignolo have better/ higher potential after years in cellar. Interesting grape and wine. I have got a new grape I want to taste more and see how they are between the producers in the area.

Next up; lunch!

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